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King's Cross Railway Lands Group (KXRLG): Standing orders for KXRLG meetings

01. Arrive on time or, if you think you are going to be late or not arrive at all, let the co-ordinator, the Working Group lead person or the Chair know in advance.

02. Bring your copy of the agenda and any other paperwork you have been provided with for the meeting.

03. Put forward your items to be included on the agenda when they are asked for and before the deadline given (usually 3 working days before the meeting).

04. Keep your mobile phone switched off unless you are expecting an important call on urgent business or you have dependent children or an illness in the family.

05. Respect all items on the agenda equally.

06. Make your points in the right place e.g. when the relevant item is being discussed.

07. Try to contribute positively when you can.

08. Never talk across people.

09. Make your points as reasonably and as succinctly as possible. Never shout.

10. Keep to the point.

11. Never criticise people for doing a job even if they have not managed to meet a deadline.

12. Keep in mind the bigger picture and do not bog the meeting down with minute detail or trivia unless the meeting has been called specifically to address minute details.

13. Respect the contribution of whoever the Chair has asked to speak and allow them to make their point without harassment or interruption.

14. Show patience at all times and help to ensure that all items on the agenda are adequately addressed including those brought up under "Any Other Business".

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