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King's Cross Railway Lands Group (KXRLG): structure


The King's Cross Railway Lands Group is a member-led organisation. It has an elected Management Committee of 10 members none of whom are paid for the work they do for the Group and four of whom are officers. The officers are:

The Chair
The Vice-Chair
The Treasurer
The Secretary

At present (June 2004) KXRLG is working towards becoming a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. When that process is complete the organisation will also have a company secretary who will not be one of the officers listed above.

To enable the Management Committee members to do the work it is elected to do, Working Groups have been formed in which different parts of the work that needs to be done is addressed. Each Management Committee member is required to be a member of at least one of the Working Groups. Three of the Working Groups address administrative issues that enable the Group to survive and function adequately and the other two address the issues that the Group was formed to address at its inception.

The Working Groups are:
The Finance and Fundraising Working Group which monitors and reviews financial procedures and policy, develops the Group's fundraising strategy and controls the budget..

The Office and Staffing Working Group
which develops job descriptions for staff, advertises, interviews and manages them and is responsible for office space and facilities.

The Publicity Working Group
which is responsible for producing the fliers for meetings, Network, our Quarterly Journal, reports and posters and also for developing a distinctive corporate identity.

The Planning and Development Working Group
which is responsible for developing policies for the group in response to members' wishes on all issues that relate to the railway lands and the surrounding areas whether or not what the Group wants to see are in any planning briefs or planning applications, and for developing responses to planning matters such as briefs and applications as they arise in accordance with the members' wishes.

The Frontline Working Group
is responsible for monitoring construction matters and campaigning to eliminate as far as possible the negative effects of construction works on the residents who live closest to the railway lands and the businesses and other organisations affected by developments.

Members with appropriate knowledge and/or experience are encouraged to join the relevant Working Groups.

We employ a part time co-ordinator and we have a long term, highly satisfactory relationship with an independent planning advisor.

We may employ volunteers in other areas from time to time

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