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King's Cross Railway Lands Group (KXRLG): working groups


Terms of Reference

01. Each Working Group shall be bound by the Constitution of the Kings Cross Railway Lands Group, its Code of Conduct, strategies, policies and procedures.

02. Each Working Group shall be led by a member of the Management Committee who will report on progress at each Management Committee meeting in person or, if the lead person is unable to attend, he/she can nominate a substitute or send in a written report through the co-ordinator or Chair so that the Committee can decide if recommended policies will be adopted or not.

03. Each Working Group shall have at least two Management Committee members involved.

04. The Finance and Fundraising Working Group will be led by the Treasurer, or by the Treasurer's nominated substitute in exceptional cases only.

05. The Office and Staffing Working Group will be led by the Secretary, or by the Secretary's nominated substitute in exceptional cases only.

06. The Publicity Working Group will be led by the Vice Chair, or by the Vice Chair's nominated substitute in exceptional cases only.

07. Each Working Group shall meet monthly at least 10 times a year, the exceptions being August and December, unless an issue which demands immediate attention arises and/or members specifically wish to meet in these months too. At least one Management Committee member must be present at each Working Group meeting

08. There is no such thing as an "unofficial" Working Group meeting.

09. Each Working Group shall produce a written statement of its aims and objectives to be approved by the Management Committee.

10. Each shall recruit interested parties as volunteers, and expert advisors where necessary, also as volunteers except in exceptional cases, to help them achieve their objectives.

11. All members of each Working Group shall be encouraged to express their views on the issues and be allowed to express those views without harassment as long as the member takes account of the limited time available, and each view expressed shall be considered seriously by the other members present as appropriate.

12. Each policy decision recommended to the Management Committee for adoption by KXRLG shall be decided by a majority vote of those present at the meeting where the decision is made.

13. Each Working Group can, if it feels it necessary to do so, appoint sub-groups and/or individuals to research/investigate particular issues that arise and/or undertake individual tasks. The Management Committee must be kept informed of the activities of the sub-groups and individuals so appointed.

14. Each member of each Working Group shall be given a copy of the group's agreed aims and objectives and a copy of these Terms of Reference when they join.

15. All members of all Working Groups must abide by these Terms of Reference

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