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King's Cross Railway Lands Group (KXRLG): time line and bibliography

In this part of the web site you will find more material about the King's Cross area, its people and its buildings:

The time line - from earliest times to the present day (almost)

[ This is a PDF file of 53 pages - 204 kb - which you can download by clicking here and read at leisure ]

Bibliography: a list of sources and documents

Railway Lands Group publications

King's Cross Railway Lands Community Development Group (1989) The King's Cross development : people or profit?, London: KCRLCDG [ download ]

Parkes, M (1990) Kings Cross Railway Lands A People's Brief London: KXRLG [ download ]

Parkes, M (1991) Kings Cross Railway Lands: towards a people's Plan, London: KXRLG

Parkes, M (1991) Kings Cross Railway Lands: towards a people's Plan, APPENDICES London: KXRLG [ download ]

Parkes, M, D Mouawad (1993) Interim Uses Initiative, London: KXRLG [ download ]

KXRLG, Network, intermittent newsletters, some of which are online:
Summer 2004 / Winter 2004 / Summer 2005 / October 2008

King's Cross Conservation Area Advisory Committee (CAAC) (2005) Respecting the railway lands, CAAC [ Download ]

Other related publications - books

Campkin, B 2013, Remaking London: decline and regeneration in in urban culture, I B Tauris, London

Parkes, M, 1995, Good practice guide to community planning and development, LPAC [ download ]

Inglis, A (2007) Railway Lands: catching St Pancras and King's Cross, Troubadour [ more details ]

Inglis, A and N Buckner (2012) King's Cross : a sense of place, Matador [ more details ]

Holgersen, S (2008) Class conflicts and planning: a case study of contemporary development at King's Cross in London, Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag Dr Müller, also available as Holgersen, S (2007) Class conflicts and planning: a case study of contemporary development at King's Cross in London, Master's Thesis, University of Bergen [ download ]

Hunter, R and R Thorne (1990) Change at King's Cross from 1800 to the present, London: Historical Publications

Bertolini, L and T Spit (1998) Cities on Rails: the redevelopment of railway station areas, London: Spon

Madelin, R and D Porphyrios (2008) The Human City: King's Cross Central 03, Yale: Yale School of Architecture

van der Veen, M (2009) Contracting for better places: a relational analysis of development agreements in urban development projects, T U Delft IOS Press BV

Articles and book chapters

Edwards, M (2009) King's Cross: renaissance for whom?, in (ed Punter, J) Urban Design and the British Urban Renaissance, 189-205, Abingdon, UK: Routledge [ Eprint free at ]

Edwards, M (1990) De-regulation of London: a case study of King's Cross, A 3 Times 13(5): 22-23

Edwards, M (1992) A microcosm: redevelopment proposals at King's Cross, in (ed Thornley, A) The crisis of London, 163-184, London: Routledge

Edwards, M (1994) How should we manage the land resources of state railways? lessons from London, in (eds Ave, G and F Corsico) Urban marketing in Europe, 869-876, Torino: Torino Incontra

Cheshire, P (1990) The outlook for development in London, Land Development Studies 7: 41-54

Cowan, R (1990) New challenge on King's Cross, in Architects Journal, 14-15

de Corte, S (1994) Planning, urban politics and high speed trains: neighbourhood restructuring, Révue Belge de Géographie 55(1-2): 31-42

Brown, N and L Lees (2009) Young People and the regeneration of the King's Cross Ten Estates [in Islington], in (eds Imrie, R, L Lees and M Raco) Regenerating London: governance, sustainability and community in a global city, 269-310, London: Routledge

Parkes, M (2004) Community participation and urban regeneration: King's Cross and the Elephant and Castle, in (ed Paloscia, R) The contested metropolis: six cities at the beginning of the 21st century, INURA, Basel: Birkhäuser

Imrie, R (2009) 'An exemplar for a sustainable world city': progressive urban change and the redevelopment of King's Cross, in (eds Imrie, R, L Lees andM Raco) Regenerating London: governance, sustainability and community in a global city, 93-111, London: Routledge

Pérez, M D (2013) Los procesos de transformación urbana impulsados por factores culturales: el caso de King's Cross (Londres), Ciudad e Territorio (in Spanish)

Research reports

Edwards, M, E Leopold and M N Geddes (1990) King's Cross Railway Lands: second report, London: Bartlett School, UCL

Edwards, M, Mutale, E (2000) King's Cross Baseline Study Bartlett School, UCL [ Download KXP Baseline Evaluation ]

Edwards, M, Mutale, E (2002) Change and Perception of change at King's Cross: surveys of households and enterprises in London London: Bartlett School of Planning, UCL [ Eprint on households at ] [ Eprint on enterprises at ]

Dissertations and Theses

Campkin, B (2001) Degeneration and Regeneration in King's Cross, MSc Thesis, London, Bartlett School of Graduate Studies

Campkin, B (2009) Dirt, Blight and Regeneration: A Study of Urban Change in Twentieth Century and Contemporary London, PhD Thesis, University of London

Sexton, J (1991) Planning Gain and housing provision at the King's Cross railway lands, MPhil Thesis, London UCL

Lorino, A (2008) The Challenge of mixed-use buildings: lessons from London and Paris, MSc Thesis, UCL

Vogdopoulou, E (2006) Master Plan Evaluation. A tool to enhance successful urban regeneration. Regent Quarter case study, MSc EPDP Thesis, UCL

Wolff, R (1999) Popular Planning in King's Cross, London: Kommunikative Vernunft im Stadtentwicklungsprozess, PhD Thesis, ETK Zürich

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