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King's Cross Railway Lands Group (KXRLG) and Cally Rail Group (CRG)

Public Inquiry on the 'Triangle' Site

King's Cross Central, Triangle site: log of events and documents - most recent first

Latest (4 April 08)
1. The Inquiry has now ended. The Inspector will report to the Secretary of State - probably in late May or June - and the SoS will make the decision.
2. The Cally Rail Group and King's Cross Railway Lands Group made a joint case:
This appeal against Islington Council's refusal of permission for this outline application should be rejected on two grounds:
(1) that the proposed development contains too small a quantity and proportion of affordable housing and, in particular, too small a quantity and proportion of social housing to rent;
(2) that the suitability of this very noisy site for housing has not been demonstrated.
The full closing statement is available here: [ download ]
Closing statements by other participants are also here and we are grateful to them / their solicitors:
Closing statement for Argent (the Appellant) [ download ]
Closing statement for Islington [ download ]
Closing statement for Camden [ download ]
Monday 31 March: Camden planning officer, Richard Kirby, gives evidence on housing; Diana Shelley (Cally Rail Group) gives evidence on noise issues; noise expert Colin English gives evidence for Argent.
Tuesday 1 April: discussion on conditions.
Friday 4 April : closing speeches from all the parties.

Previous.... Documents produced during the adjournment:
Inspector's Note [ download ]
Argent's response to the Inspector [ download ]
Camden's response to the Inspector [ download ]

NEWS Monday 25 Feb. It all took a lot longer than had been planned for. Lots of supporters came at various times and it was clear that community interest is strong. The housing material has mostly been covered now and what remains is the Camden evidence on planning + all the material on noise + the closing speeches. If you are able to come and support during the remaining 2 or 3 days please do: Monday 31 March and Tuesday 1 April with a possible overflow to Friday April 4th. Same place - see below - and starting at 1000h.
Last July Islington's West Area Planning Sub-committee rejected developer Argent's application to develop the Triangle site between York Way and the East Coast Main Line because the proposals did not contain enough social rented or other affordable housing. You can see the site from the corner of Randell's Road and on the maps here. Argent decided to appeal against this refusal.

Triangle section as proposed The Inspector's decision on the main isues and the original (superceded) timetable for the Inquiry. Click here for a copy. See above on this page for revised timetable.

Come to the Public Inquiry and show support for Islington and the community's demands.
The inquiry will be held at The Crescent Suite Highbury, 70 Ronalds Road (off Holloway Road), N5 1XZ [ map ]. There will be about 25 places in the public gallery. Please come if you can, even for an hour or two.

We're told the venue is wheelchair accessible, but if you need disabled parking facilities or other facilities like tape loop etc we suggest you contact Lisa Topliss at Islington council (phone: (020) 7527 2786, email:

Cally Rail Group and King's Cross Railway Lands Group will be making a two-part case. We're worried that the site may not be suitable for homes, because of noise, but if the Inspector decides it is suitable we want more affordable homes than are currently proposed. You can find out more about our case and the views of the other parties in the Inquiry from the links further down this page.

Consultation on new environmental information
The Planning Inspectorate has asked for more environmental information, particularly on noise and wind. This is good news for us, as we've been saying for years the site may be too noisy for housing.

The Inspectorate has required Argent to provide a supplement to their Environmental Statement and this was recently out for public consultation.

You can see a copy on the 5th floor, Camden Town Hall, Argyle St, Euston Road, WC1, or ask Argent (King's Cross), 5 Albany Courtyard, Piccadilly, W1J 0HF for a hard copy, or download it (about 6.5 MB) from Yet more material was submitted within the Inquiry because there were still gaps, and Argent now propose to bring a noise expert.

More on the Inquiry

The various organisations involved in the Inquiry have now published short statements and longer 'Proofs of Evidence". Here they all are:
Proof of Evidence of Stuart Robinson 40pp [ pdf 244 kb ]
Additional evidence of Claire Dickenson on housing 58pp [ pdf 368 kb ]
Timeline supporting Dickinson evidence 1 page [ pdf 148 kb ]

LB Islington
Summary of case 2pp [ pdf 80 kb ]
Proof of planning evidence by Christopher Clarke 21pp [ pdf 196 kb ]
Proof of housing evidence by Hugh Lacey summary 5pp [ pdf 40 kb ]
Proof of housing evidence by Hugh Lacey, full text [ pdf 452 kb ] and its associated Appendices [ pdf 5.5mb ]

LB Camden
Summary of case 6pp [ pdf 168 kb ]
Proof of evidence of Richard Kirby 29pp [ pdf 244 kb ]

Cally Rail and King's Cross Railway Lands Groups
Proof of evidence of Diana Shelley 28pp [ pdf 388 kb ] and [ summary ]
Proof of evidence of Michael Edwards 17pp [ pdf 240 kb ] and [ supplementary proof ] and [ summary ]
KXRLG statement on the Argent revised applications 21 11 05, 15pp [ pdf 304 kb ] Triangle site plan
Triangle block planTriangle block plan

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