How to help with money

Huge amounts of unpaid time have been contributed, especially by members of Kings Cross and Regent's Canal CAACs, the Greens and Cally Rail Group, and the RLG has contributed members' time and over £1000 of paid time from Richard Lee.

But we have had to spend at least   £5000 and will have to spend more.  So far donations have brought us about  £3000 so we are short.  If you can help it would be great. If you decide to help,  send a cheque payable to KXRLG now to the address below.

This request is NOT a request for any donor to support a Judicial Review (JR) itself, only the getting of an opinion about the strength of our case.  It is therefore almost inconceivable that any donor could be held liable for damages or costs.  If a JR does go ahead it will be the subject of a separate fund-raising call and would probably be channeled through the KXRLG (a limited company) as the sole party to the action.  However, if you are nervous about this you can donate anonymously.

But please donate something.  If everyone donated the price of a good meal or a pair of shoes we would be home and dry.  A few people may be able to afford more.

send cheques payable to "KXRLG" to The Treasurer
King's Cross Railway Lands Group
5 Caledonian Road
London N1 9DX
and let us know by emailing us at

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