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King's Cross Railway Lands Group (KXRLG): news


The home (welcome) page of this web site is always the most up-to-date. It has the most recent stuff at the top. Scroll down for earlier material. The page below is mainly a log of some press coverage. It is patchy.

Press coverage

KXRLG and Argent and others have exchanges in CNJ late in 2008
6 November 2008: CNJ published a Forum article commissioned from Michael Edwards (in a personal capacity) about what might happen if the economic crisis stalled the Argent scheme.
4 December Robert Evans of Argent replies to the CNJ
18 December Michael Edwards replies in CNJ, and also an anonymous supporter writes here
11 December Meanwhile Alan Patterson from Somers Town writes in support of Argent here.

long gap
Property column in the Daily Telegraph 22 March 2007.
Camden accepts 'sweetener' from Argent and agrees to sell Stanley Buildings. 14 March 2007. See KXRLG representations here but may actually have let it go at a bargain price. Report in Camden New Journal here 22 March. Then on 23 March four Camden councillors sucessfully demand that this sale be 'called in' for Scrutiny.... More to follow.
John Selwyn Gummer writes in the Estates Gazette 17 March 2007.
Evening Standard Feature 12 March 2007 by Ross Lydall and Mira Bar-Hillel

Undemocratic remarks by Piers Gough and a fine defence of community action from Simon Jenkins in Building Design: BD online 8 March.
Jenkins writes.... 'I cannot think of a single part of London which has not had to be defended against over-development by locals pleading the public good and having to spend their own money to do so. This applies to Covent Garden, Mayfair, Seven Dials, Bloomsbury, Chelsea Embankment - areas that London's promoters now boast as part of its urban heritage. Not one of these, when threatened, was defended by the developer lobby. 'Lost' battles - London Docks, Euston Tower, Stag Place (Victoria) - are now blots on the landscape.'

Camden New Journal 1 March 2007 News story
Private Eye 3 March 2007
Evening Standard 27 Feb 07 News story by Mira Bar-Hillel
Camden New Journal 22 Feb 2007 News story by Richard Osley and Forum by Michael Edwards
Planning news item on page 1, 16 Feb 2007
Local Government Chronicle, major feature by Damian Arnold
Regeneration and Renewal 15 February 2007 News Story by Holly Sutton and subsequent letter
Camden New Journal 15 February 2007 News story by Richard Osley and Comment
Ham and Hi 14 09 06 by Katie Davis  
London Evening Standard 11 09 06 by Mira Bar Hillel
New Minghella film on King's Cross launched. Reuters.
News items from earlier times follow as an archive (but the home page is much more up-to-date.....

1 October 2005 Argent's revisions to their planning applications: Camden LB summary here, local archived copy to download here (both 170kb pdf). All the documents can now be down-loaded from Argent's own web site

22 September: timetable for consultations on Argent's revised planning application issued. Details here.

September 2005 Individuals and groups (including KXRLG) have a 28 Oct deadline for responses to the Mayor's sub-regional development framework (SRDF) for Central London. This document is both part of the implementation of the 2004 London Plan (including a special section on what will be permitted at King's Cross) and also a first trawl for ideas about the next London Plan. It is thus very important that everyone responds. A Draft of the KXRLG response will be placed here when it is available.
Chis Gidden and Michael Edwards went to a consultation about it on 15 September and can see some good opportunities for representations. Text of SRDF is on the Mayor's web site [ link ].

During the autumn an opportunity of respond to mayor's Draft Alterations (not yet published) to the London Plan, covering
(i) New housing targets
(ii) Waste disposal and some other stuff
There is also a useful timetable and briefing from the London Civic Forum about this and related consultations about the London Plan [ link ].

August 2005: the latest news from Argent is that they expect to submit revisions to their application for the development of King's Cross Central (known to many local people as the Railway Lands) at the end of September 2005 - but this date is changing all the time and may change again.  Once the revised application is in, there will be 6 weeks for us to consider the revised plans and make a formal response.  KXRLG will be providing independent analysis, consuting our members and submitting a formal response to the councils - and continuing our work to ensure that the community get as much benefit from the development as possible.

July 2005: At our General Meeting on the 20th July, the meeting agreed that KXRLG shoud work with the Kings Cross Community Development Trust and other local groups to build a high profile, public campaign to secure community assets at Kings Cross as part of the current development proposals. 

Download the minutes of the 20th July General Meeting here

July 2005 - The summer 2005 edition of our newsletter, Network, is hot off the press with leading articles on:

  • What will happen next?
  • How to respond to a planning application
  • What is a 'section 106' agreement?
  • What it's like living next to Argent's development in Birmingham

You can download a pdf copy here Network - summer 2005

7th July 2005:  KXRLG continues to work with the Greater London Authority as they develop their 'sub regional development framework' for the central region of which Kings Cross is one of the main features.  more information here

March 2005:  St Pancras Chambers

Camden Council Development Control sub-committee approved plans for the conversion of St Pancras Chambers into 68 residential apartments and a 245 bed hotel and leisure facilities.  Building work could start in 2005. 

3rd March 2005:  Islington's Formal Observation Report

Islington's West Area Committee agreed a 60 page report outining it's views to Camden Council on Argents planning application for the main site, which is in Camden.  Councillors welcomed the proposals in principle, but were concerned that they should 'not be at the expense of local communities'.  Meanwhile Camden Council have yet to consider teh main sote proposals itself.  Nor have the 2 councils yet agreed how they will decide on plans for teh Traingle site, which lies in both boroughs. 

the full report is available here

Feb 2005: Yes to the Northern Ticket Hall

Just in time for the olympic visit, the Department of Transport announced funding of £400m towards the Northern Ticket Hall and the Western Concourse at Kings Cross, which are important aspects of the viability of Argent's current propsals.  Construction is estimated to finish in 2009. 

27 Nov 2004:  Members of KXRLG went with Camden Central Community Umbrella to see one of Argents earlier development at Brindleyplace, Birmingham.  They saw what it might be like at Kings Cross and met residents from the neighbouring Ladywood estate to find out what difference it had made to them.

Nov 2004:  St George withdraw from their partnership with Argent, leaving Argent (Kings Cross) ltd as the sole developer for the railway lands site.  The proposals submitted in May 2004 are unaffected. 

Oct 2004: The KXRLG submits their response to Argent St Georges application to Camden and Islington councils.   The Railway Lands Group considers Argent St Georges proposals as they stand unacceptable and offers constructive suggestions for revised proposals which could regenerate the area. Read the KXRLG's response to Camden and Islington.
[ Download summary version 108kb pdf file here ]
[ Download full version 268kb pdf file here ]

In total 260 comments were received by the local authorities in the consultation about Argent St George's planning applications. They have published a digest but it is very hard to use. More details, links and some detailed responses here.

Listen to King's Cross:community radio programmes here to get and listen to


30 June 2004: At the KXRLG General Meeting the folowing statement was agreed on the Kings Cross underground northern ticket hall: view / download here

June / July 2004

KXRLG provides the following analysees / summaries of Argent St George's applications:

easy reading summary of the application

more detailed summary of the main features of the application 

the big issues and first thoughts on them

clarification of the quantity of building Argent St George are proposing

summary of Argent St George's Environmental Statement

summary of Argent St George's Transport study

June 2004 Guardian article on the Gagosian Gallery opening in Brittania Street, with a bit about the Argent Development:,1169,1233032,00.html

10 June 2004 "Campaigner Bill Lehm says King's Cross residents should have their say on the redevelopment scheme before it is too late" RLG chair's first interview - in the Camden New Journal - on the Argent scheme. [ link here ] [ archived copy ]

28 May 2004: Argent Saint George's planning applications for development at King's Cross were submitted to Camden and Islington councils. Details have now been published on the Argent web site - see our links page.

April 2004: The King's Cross Railway Lands Group commissioned Michael Parkes to prepare a comparison of the Camden Draft Planning Brief of September 2003 with the revised version adopted by Camden and Islington Councils in January 2004. His comparative analysis is available here:
[ Comparison of draft and adopted briefs pdf 72kb ]

December 2003:  Camden Council adopt a revised Planning Brief. 
[ download here - pdf 1.6 mb ]

September 2003: critique by Michael Parkes of Camden's Draft Planning Brief for the 'King's Cross Opportunity Area'. [ Text to download here. PDF 135k ] This work fed in to the response from the King's Cross Railway Lands Group [ text to download here pdf 16 kb ]

September 2003:

Camden Council's publish their Draft Planning Brief

[ download here - pdf 354 kb ]

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