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King's Cross Railway Lands Group (KXRLG):New borough plans in preparation


Richard Lee writes in October 2008:
Camden Executive received a number of supporting documents to the Core Strategy - 
a consultation report ( over 70 pages in length)
a sustainability appraisal

  Within the consultation report there is a list of 113 organisations and individuals who responded at the issues and options stage.  There is also a report on the stakeholder workshops that were held previously, with a list of attendees.  In both cases the VCS is poorly represented compared with the public and private sectors. I've extracted these from the consultation report and they are attached. 

  What I found in Kensington and Chelsea is that the preferred options workshops covered exactly the same ground as the issues and options workshops had done earlier.  The discussion was about what issues are important, under the main thematic headings, and there was no reference to what was actually in the Preferred Options document.  The actual preferred options were not even reported to the attendees.  It will be interesting to see if Camden is different!!

  The Preferred Options document is large (103 pages), but the boxes setting out the Preferred Option for each theme, and why alternative options have been dismissed, could easily be replicated in a short document. I've attached the Preferred Option for Housing as an example.

  Camden Executive at the same meeting (10 September) also considered the LDF site allocations document.  This is at issues and options stage and it says consultation will be held alongside consultation on the Core Strategy.  The agenda for the 24 September workshop makes no reference to this.   43 sites in the borough are described.  A section called "KX and surrounds" lists 5 sites:-
1. Railway Lands
2. Midland Road (British Library site)
3. Midland Road (Brill Place)
4. St Pancras Way (St Pancras Hospital)
5. Pentonville Road (Lighthouse block)

The full set of Camden documents can be down-loaded free at Scroll to the bottom of that page to find the reports.

Islington Attached here is the document Richard Lee of KXRLG produced on Islington's Core Strategy.  It's a guide to the process and to the different documents that are available.

posted 15 10 08

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